November 12, 2009


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I’ve thought a lot about this but I think I need to discontinue this blog. Unfortunately with school and work I haven’t been able to keep it updated and next semester my course load with be 20 credit hours and I’ll be twice as busy so I just don’t see continuing it a possibility at this point.

For those of you who might ask if I might continue it in the future the answer is I don’t know. I will start a new blog when Mitsy Kelder’s Tale is over. I’ve put a lot of thought into how I can keep a blog and not need to worry about the maintenance that goes with it. I think I found a way to do it so I will still be writing stories and the new blog will be advertised on Mitsy Kelder’s Tale. If I choose to ever continue this blog I will advertise it when that time comes.


August 4, 2009

The Start of a Legacy

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You may or may not have heard of the Sims3 Legacy Challenge. To give a quick explanation it’s a challenge where you create one sim who starts out with almost nothing and through the process of 10 generations build the family’s legacy. There are rules and a point system, though I plan to follow the rules I’m not planning to keep count of the points.

While writing my other story, Mitsy Kelder’s Tale, I had a thought that lead me to an idea. While my founder will start will almost nothing she’ll NEVER buy anything as well. She’s been given a teddy bear to start with, the rest she must steal. The legacy rules allow for stolen items to be sold for cash but I will not allow this, stolen items will be used on the lot or left in the inventory and CAN NOT be modified. With these rules added to my game play I am interested to see what sort of house is built.

If this is your first time visiting, click below to read the story from the start.

Start From The Beginning

September 24, 2009

Tired of Being Homeless

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My first day of work was great, at least in comparison to how it was before. I was tired, but not nearly as tired as before. When I got off work I chose to enjoy the rest of the day by collecting rocks and seeds. I only found the usual uncommon seed and worthless rock but being outdoors and doing something other than looking for my next bed was a nice change.

This is going to be a short post, sorry

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September 17, 2009

Jobs That Grow

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As the sun rose the following morning, I rose with it. I didn’t remember falling asleep in the cemetery but I could never forget what I thought I saw. Then again maybe it was all just a dream. It would make sense that way. I came to the cemetery but was exhausted and layed on a bench to rest, which is when I started dreaming about ghosts. Yes, it all makes sense now. I’m not crazy after all!

Ok so I got my new computer and can make posts again, sorry for such a long wait

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September 15, 2009

Computer Problem Resolution

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Well as everyone may have noticed posts have been far and in between. I added a note to the side of the page explaining why but the problems were a lot worse than I shared. One thing was that my computer plug wouldn’t even register and charge my laptop – annoying. I couldn’t play sims for a while because of it. If I didn’t hold the plug in a certain way and the battery would die and the computer would shut off and then anything I’d have done would be lost. I’ve tried to do simple things on the sims regarding a the shared story that is being worked on (i’ll tell you more about that later) and unless it was a short on and then off again process it was impossible to do anything with the sims. Well I’m here to tell you that these problems are no more! Later today I am buying a new computer and transferring all my information over. Mitsy Kelder’s Tale should have a new post tomorrow and A Klepto’s Legacy will either have one also tomorrow or the following day (depending on the time it takes to gather and edit photos).

August 24, 2009


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The night had an eerie sensation about it. Normally I enjoy the night. The stars, the moon, the cool air, the warm breeze that brushes across your skin and feels light like silk but smooth and soft like fur. I love the night, but this night I did not love. The air around me felt heavy and thick, it even had a taste that I can’t describe as anything more than unpleasant. The wind, this was more harsh than a breeze, was anything but soft. Grains of sand had merged with the wind and created a feeling of sandpaper scrapping across my skin as it brushed by. Though I am sure it was just my imagination the wind also carried a sound, a sound of despair and pain. This night was something unnatural and nothing like the night I had grown to love.

This post might be a let down to some, the last post sort of seemed like it lead to something awesome, but I'm not sure it really will. We'll see what happens.

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August 18, 2009

The Dream

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I was off the following morning. One benefit about the horrible job was that I have 3 days off a week. While its not a fun job, and I’m not seeming to do so well at it either, I am at least given enough days to try to recoop. My night in the garden lasted til late into the morning while I was trying to regain all my energy. It was one of those rare nights where I forget that I’m on a bench.

so recently I had some computer power cord problems

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August 16, 2009

Sleep Deprived

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Its been a few days since I’ve written. A lot has been going on. Having a job sure hasn’t made things easier, and I really wonder what I was thinking when I chose the military. Anyways I’ll talk about that later, now I have to talk about my garden! Oh I LOVE my garden! During the last few days I’ve really been busy building and planting and growing, and OH its so gorgeous! When it was first built, not even completed, you could tell it was going to be the perfect garden. I chose a spot on the lot that seemed to have the best view, not a lot of trees to block it. Its sort of small now since money is lacking but I do hope to increase its size one day.

ok so I played her for a few sim days but nothing really happened so I'm sort of compiling them into this post

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August 14, 2009


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When I woke up I didn’t want to stick around at my neighbors but I was starving. I ran around front and rang the door bell as if I came over from my house. They welcomed me into their home again, apparently they had yet to discover their missing items. I chose to eat a bowl of cereal and use their bathroom but I left after that not wanting to be a continual burden on the family. Though I hadn’t spent any time with them really they were being exceedingly generous about my time in their home. As I was leaving I felt a bit guilty for what I’d done the night before. Thinking about how my parents might have reacted as well as how nice these people have been to me I chose to return the wall lamp. I slipped it into their mail box outside so that it would be anonymous and then left for town.

so i decided that I needed to stop the last post where i did, but this is still one journal entry

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Okay, so where was I yesterday? Oh yeah! So it was getting late and so I stopped fishing. There were somethings I needed to take care of before it got too late, and since I hadn’t been able to start building on my land yet I needed to mooch off of neighbors til I could get my own things. I learned during my teens years that no one ever seemed to mind my inappropriate behaviors, perhaps its because they expect it from me. I had two neighbors to choose from, I chose to go to the house closest to me.

so I took a lot of pictures for this post

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August 12, 2009

Day One

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This town is very different from the one I grew up in, much larger. I couldn’t possibly have lived in the park forever, I needed to find a place to call home. I was able to afford an empty lot on the outskirts of town. Its been a while since my parents passed but I’m still adjusting from it. I havn’t been real sociable since I ran off on my own and living in town would put me in a situation where I’d maybe need to be. Plus now that I’m constantly feeling the need to steal perhaps living where its a bit more private is the better way to go.

I wasn't really sure how to edit the pictures for pictures that aren't part of the scrapbook

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